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Children are only as disabled as their environment. Thus, the play environment must be an outdoor space that inspires a desire to investigate, to learn more, to interact with others, and to explore.

What We Do

Bright Time creates inclusive playgrounds following the Principles of Universal Design and social skill support for families with children with developmental disabilities to help them to socially interact and play as a family unit.

Our agency provides services and support through training programs (for parents, siblings, parks and recreation agencies), consultations (by phone, mail, email, personal meetings), and collaborative initiatives (with other non-profit organizations, community agencies, school systems, parks and recreation agencies).

Many children with disabilities have sensory needs so we assist communities with the design, development, and installation of playgrounds that will engage children with sensory needs as well as their peers. Sensory playgrounds stimulate a child's visual, auditory, and tactile senses. Through colors, shapes, textures, and musical instruments, the child becomes engaged with the playground environment and his or her needs met.

Many children with disabilities have difficulties interacting with peers despite having an inclusive playground environment that meets their needs. Bright Time, therefore, provides ongoing social skills support to children with disabilities, their siblings, and their caregivers. Some examples of what we do include developing social stories for the children with disabilities so that they can make sense of the playground environment, providing social skills training to siblings of children with disabilities so that they have ways to engage their sibling on the inclusive playground, and training caregivers who have children with disabilities so that they can support their child's play while visiting an inclusive playground.

Children with disabilities also enjoy participating in team sports such as baseball and softball. Bright Time assists communities in the design, development, and installation of all-turf ball fields that allow children with physical disabilities who use walkers and wheelchairs to participate in team sports. These turf fields include accessible dugouts, restroom facilities, and shelters to make the overall playing experience enjoyable for children and their families. Children without disabilities can also play on these fields making the fields completely inclusive.